Smart RLT Regenerative Laser

The Smart RLT forces the body to re-align and regenerate healing when it normally would not have the capability to do so on it’s own. The short, powerful laser pulses generate acoustic waves that propagate deep into the tissue and agitate the extra-cellular matrix to release growth and healing factors that lay dormant on injured cells. This increases the permeability of the cells and initiates the release of oxygen from the blood. Cellular energy is generated within the cells allowing healing nutrients to enter cells and forcing waste to exit the cells which increases the efficiency of ATP production and creates significantly faster and stronger healing.


The Regenerative Laser consists of photo-acoustic waves which creates a sound wave with the ability to penetrate cells. A special quality about the waves is that they are produced isotropically, meaning they spread in all directions in and around the absorption site. These waves propagate quite far into the damaged tissue to jump start the healing process. 

With more energy per pulse BUT still in the structure of a short pulse, there are some very exciting repercussions. The tendon is composed of highly aligned fibers.  And interwoven within this tissue is the extracellular matrix.  Embedded in this matrix are, among other things, growth factors and growth cells. In healthy tissue, intracellular processes secrete enzymes that initiate the release of these growth factors from the matrix into the tissue, which leads to healthy maintenance as well as repair mechanisms. In damaged tissue, these cells are non-functioning and so they do NOT produce the chemistry needed to release the growth factors and initiate the healing process. Unless the growth factors are regenerated long term scar tissue forms in and around the tissue. 

The impactful acoustic wave of the Smart RLT will modulate the matrix of the injured cell and literally shake growth factors loose. As this happens, the growth factors seep into the tissue and initialize the regrowth and repair mechanisms that lay dormant. The pulsed light of the Regenerative Laser creates a shockwave from deep within the damaged tissue that propagates in all directions and initiates the healing process to begin when it otherwise would not have started. 



Use of the Smart RLT Regenerative Laser results in the following:

  • Repair of ligament and tendon lesions from tear or strain
  • Significant reduction of scar tissue in and around injured soft tissue
  • Injured muscle fibers returned to normal function
  • Significant reduction of pain
  • Anti-inflammatory processes
  • Increased Collagen production
  • Cell Proliferation
  • Stimulates capillary circulation
  • Enhances perfusion of blood from vessels to tissues to speed healing

    The Smart RLT has been scientifically validated to regenerate tissue and healing in the following:

    • Tendons
    • Ligaments
    • Soft tissue
    • Muscles and muscle groups
    • Fractures in bone and joints
    • Wounds and tears
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